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Small Hanging Star

Small Hanging Star

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With all papier mâché objects the possibilities are endless! Use one or a selection of Décopatch papers to decorate the piece or paint with acrylics, add glitter, stickers, yarn or really can't go wrong.

This hanging star like all other papier mâché objects from Decopatch are handmade resulting in each piece being completely unique.  

Size: 1x6.5x7.5cm

It's so easy to decoupage using the Décopatch papers and glue, the method is simple but the outcome is fantastic. 

Décopatch Method: Tear or cut a few pieces of Decopatch paper of about 2x2 cm - Apply the glue to the support. Place a piece of paper on the glued surface and put a second layer of glue on it.

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