Clay handprint making: Make a beautiful keepsake in the Art Attack Angus studio

Clay handprint making: Make a beautiful keepsake in the Art Attack Angus studio

Have you noticed how fast your child is growing? Do you ever wish you could freeze a moment in time? Well, I am no Doctor Who, but I can help you and your child to create a beautiful keepsake that will freeze their tiny hand print and keep it safe forever! Clay handprints are a great art activity for kids and adults alike. You can turn them into ornaments, trinket dishes, anniversary presents and more! Keep reading to find out all about our clay handprint making and how you can make a beautiful keepsake in the Art Attack Angus studio.

Beautiful clay hand prints

Clay hand prints are a favourite art project here in the Art Attack Angus studio. Adults and children love working with clay as it is such a versatile material. You can shape anything you like out of the soft dough and then dry it until it becomes a special ornament, a model for painting or a keepsake like these beautiful handprints.


Child's hand pressing down to make a clay hand print

Capture your finger print

Finger prints are unique to each person and they are a lovely feature to include in art work. They can represent family, love and connection. Clay is the perfect material to capture your fingerprint, as it compresses when soft and holds clear patterns as it dries. A hand or fingerprint could be used to commemorate a loved one, celebrate an anniversary, immortalise your baby's feet or even hold the birthday girl's jewellery! 

Clay hand print making

You don't need any experience to use clay

Clay modelling is one of the easiest crafts to get started with. It's simple and straightforward. Just shape the dough and then dry it. If you are unsure about getting started, Lauren is on hand in the Art Attack Angus studio so you can ask her any questions you might have. Keep reading to learn how you can use clay for handprint making with kids!

A boy and a girl holding up their hands covered in clay from clay handprint making

Clay hand print making with kids

Your child will have a lot of fun exploring this particular art material. It's soft, it's squishy and its ready to become anything you can imagine! Squashing, rolling and shaping the dough is super fun for children of all ages. Even toddlers!

Male toddler with blonde hair sitting at a table making a colourful caterpillar out of clay

Fine Motor Skills

Shaping clay is actually a brilliant way for young children to develop their fine motor skills. By working the dough, the children work the small muscles in their hands to develop and strengthen their movements. Toddlers will love gripping, pinching, rolling and flattening the dough! They can even have a go with the clay tools and learn brand new skills.

Two adult hands squashing and squeezing brown clay dough

How do you make the hand prints?

Once your child is finished rolling their clay out on the table, they can press their hand print into the soft dough to capture their hand print. You can then help your child to lift their hand straight back up again to avoid any smudging. Once your child's hand is safely out of the way, carefully cut around their hand print using a blunt knife. The clay can then be moved to a tray and left to dry. Once the hand print is fully dry, you and your child can return to the studio and enjoy decorating the clay hand print you have created! 

Child's hands rolling out dough to make a clay hand print

Make your hand print into a jewellery holder

Adults can definitely enjoy this art project too. If you want to turn your own hand print into a useful trinket tray, just turn the fingers up a little at the corners and shape the hand into a cupped position. Once dry it will safely store rings and bracelets on your nightstand.

Adult hands shaping wet clay to make a clay handprint

Clay hand prints are the perfect present

Have you got a birthday coming up? These clay handprints really do make the perfect present. You could even paint them in spooky colours for Halloween or festive reds and greens for Christmas. The children's handprints make a lovely keepsake and would be a perfect gift for Mother's Day and Father's Day. And if your anniversary is coming up, why not make two handprints joined together and turn them into a special wedding ring holder? 

Young girl wearing a pink poncho shaping clay into a cup

Why is art important?

Enjoying art projects like clay handprint making are important for your wellbeing. They encourage you to relax, be present in the moment and use your creativity. Art helps you to process emotions and reduce stress which is important for both your mental and physical health. It's super important for children too as they can learn healthy habits from an early age. Developing creative skills can also help your child to express their personalities and get to know themselves better. 

Handprints of all different colours, shapes and sizes

Everyone is welcome at the Art Attack Angus studio

Adults and children of all abilities are welcome to enjoy clay handprint making here at the Art Attack Angus studio. If you would like ask a question or chat to Lauren about your support needs, just get in touch via Facebook or email

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